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My favorite website platform for creatives, coaches, and small business owners who want a stylish website packed with personality. And it’s drag-and-drop which makes it super easy to design and edit on. 

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A platform that allows you to record your screen, show your face, and talk at the same time. Amazing for designers who want to explain something without having a meeting. Easy for clients to use. And if you keep your video under five minutes, it’s free!

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A client management system that makes your client process so much smoother by helping you track inquiries, send invoices, schedule appointments, create questionnaires for clients, and more. 

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If you’re ready to dive into email marketing and want your emails to be beautiful and on-brand, Flodesk is the way. And, when you use my link, you’ll save 50%. 

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Design anything ever (IG posts, business cards, presentations, etc.) pulling from Canva’s thousands of super easy-to-customize templates.

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My fav tool for scheduling posts, reels, and stories for Insta, TikTok, FB, Pinterest, and more. (Upgrade to premium, it’s so worth it!)

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The best project management platform everrrrrrrr. I’ve been using it for 5 years to keep track of all the projects I’m working on and it can do so many other things (automations, integrations, etc.)

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A tool I recommend to my clients all. the. time. because it makes scheduling different types of appointment (15-minute phone call, 30-minute video call, etc.) so easy. Plus, you can integrate it with your calendar and set your availability to be whatever you want.

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Like Gmail, but for your business email. Not only can you keep your personal and professional emails separate, but it looks so much better when you have “xxx@yourcompanyname.com” than when you have “yourcompanyname@gmail.com.” 








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The Art of Visual Storytelling: Insights from a UGC Creator

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