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Whether you're starting from scratch, need a website refresh or just want another pair of eyeballs to look at your existing site, go ahead and schedule a free consultation with me! I'm always happy to connect and answer any questions you might have.

Connect with your Audience

Let's face it, in this day and age your customers expect you to have a website. It's their go-to search when looking to learn more about you, connect with you, or purchase your product.

Gain Instant Trust

A professionally designed website and brand shows the world that you take your business seriously and instantly earns their trust. But no website or a poorly designed one will have them questioning your legitimacy.

The Ultimate Sales Tool

Your website just might be your most powerful asset. It provides your audience the information they need to make the decision to purchase, and gives them an easy way to reach out or get started 24/7.


Creating an attractive website that effectively shares the value you have to offer and makes it easy to connect with you is my first goal. But I like to take it a step further. With so many digital tools available to automate redundant tasks and improve your customers experience, we’ll take an in-depth look at your processes to see where we can save time and make it easier to scale your business.

Step 1

Strategy & Scope

Before we get started, we’ll hold a strategy call to determine:

  • Our main goals for the site
  • What pages we want to include
  • What tools we want to integrate
  • What the main objective is for your customers
  • What content we’ll need to gather or create

After we’ve had that meeting and defined the scope of the project we can solidify the timeline and budget.

Step 2


Wireframes are used to plan the basic structure of a page before any visual design or content is added. It’s much easier to review and change the structure of any pages in this format, than it is once we start building the site.

Your wireframe will also help us to know exactly what images and written content we’re going to need later down the road. Once we’ve solidified the wireframe and you approve it, that’s when it’s time to get to busy.

Step 3

Content & Messaging

I’ve found it’s easiest to design the website after we’ve first decided what content is going to be added to the site.

If you did branding with me, this is where our 8 step Brand Messaging framework comes into play.  It’s in this stage that we’ll start to add all of the descriptions, processes, bios, and written content to our wireframe that we know is necessary for the site.

This is also the time to work on any blogs, quizzes, or lead magnets we plan to add to the site.  This is typically the longest stage, but necessary…. and once we’ve completed this stage, that’s when the fun begins.

Step 4

Design & Tool Integration

The design phase is, in my opinion, the most exciting part of the website process. This is where your website actually comes to life! During this stage we add all of the content we’ve already created and start to add the visual flairs.

Using your brand colors, fonts, visual identity and imagery, this is where all our hard work starts to come together.

Once the overall aesthetic is figured out, we’ll connect all of your digital tools to make sure that your customers will have a seamless experience, and to make sure that you are feeling comfortable with using them.

Step 5


Once we’ve completed the design, we’ll run some tests, do a final review and walkthrough to make sure everything is running smooth and linked correctly and… you’re ready to launch!

Now it’s time to shift your focus to other aspects of your online presence and digital marketing strategy like your social media, blogging, and email marketing!  If you haven’t already, now’s a great time to check out my Social Media & Content Marketing Strategy services.

Step 6


As much as I wish websites could be a one and done deal, that’s not usually the case. You will likely have questions, realize there’s something else you want to add to your website, or need to update your site as you continue to add new products or services.

Your website should always reflect your latest offerings and can also have some incredible analytics to give you insights into how people are finding you.

Before we launch your website, we’ll talk about the different options you have for maintaining your website after it’s launched.  I never want you to feel lost or overwhelmed trying to manage a website!


If you still have questions or want to know more about my pricing and strategy, let's hop on a video call! I find a quick call is much better than trying to email back and forth (although if you prefer that, I can make it happen!)



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